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Hover Strike (Atari Jaguar)

Hover Strike (Atari Jaguar)
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Hover Strike for the Atari Jaguar.  Hover Strike is a futuristic 3D action game where you pilot a lone hovercraft in a series of missions against overwhelming enemy forces. You must use your speed, firepower, and displays to outfight and outwit the enemy. The game presents a series of missions which must be completed before you can advance. Goals include destroying a certain number or type of enemy units. The missions take place in a variety of different planetary environments.

Generally during the mission you will view your surroundings through the viewport of your hovercraft. From this view you may lock on missiles and aim your lasers. External views are also available. A radar display helps you find enemies and mission goals. You must complete the mission before your shield and energy are depleted. Power-ups can be collected to help keep you going. Enemy craft include missile-launching tanks, cannon-firing robots, laser-gun turrets, mines, and enemy jets. 

A cooperative two-player mode is available which allows one player to drive the hovercraft and the other player to operate the weapons.
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