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Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo 3DS)

Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo 3DS)
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Hyrule warriors retains some of the classic features of the Legend of Zelda Series. For instance, a hack and slash design is integrated into this title. Of course, the main character Link once again pursues a journey full of Adventures in the open world of the Hyrule kingdom. As players can expect, princess Zelda is once again kidnapped as Link has the task of rescuing her from evil forces. The anatgonist Shea poses new challenges for the young Hylian soldier Link that has popularized the Legend of Zelda franchise. The traditional arsenal for players includes a sword, shield, slingshot and bombs. Additionally, Link can also execute his signature moves such as spins for extra damage. Dragons and other mythical creatures stand in the way of Link's goal to freeing the beautiful Zelda after a series of ambushes and final battles.
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