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James Bond 007 (Coleco Vision)

James Bond 007 (Coleco Vision)
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James Bond 007 for the Coleco Vision.  In James Bond 007 for the ColecoVision, you are Bond, James Bond, the world's most famous secret agent. You have been selected by the British Secret Service for four clandestine missions. To help you perform your duties, you are given a specially designed multi-purpose craft that is a combination of car, plane, and submarine. It is equipped with the ability to fire fixed-angle shots, which travel toward the top of the screen, and flare bombs, which travel toward the bottom of the screen. The vehicle travels from left to right (on land, underwater, and in the air) and is subject to the forces of gravity and buoyancy.

The missions in this game are loosely based on the following James Bond films: Diamonds are Forever (1971), in which you must land on Seraffino's oil rig and rescue Tiffany Case; The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), in which you must destroy Stromberg's undersea laboratory; Moonraker (1979), in which you must destroy three spinning satellites; and For Your Eyes Only (1981), in which you must retrieve radio equipment from a sunken fishing trawler.

As you cruise along in your vehicle, helicopters, boats, frogmen, missiles, mine-releasing mini-subs, and other enemies and obstacles will come after you or simply get in your way. You can shoot many of these nuisances, but others must be jumped over or ducked under. At certain points in your travels there are targets you can shoot (such as diamonds) for extra points or strategic advantage (such as lighting up the night skies).
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