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Avatar: The Game (NDS)

Avatar: The Game (NDS)
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Set on the fantastical sci-fi planet of Pandora, James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is an isometric action-adventure in which gamers take on the role of Nok, a young warrior of the native Na'vi people. Humans, led by the game's primary antagonist Dr. Ossman, have come to the planet to harvest valuable minerals, and it is Nok's job to protect his homeland. Players use their touch screen and stylus to explore the lush forests of Pandora, while the top screen serves as a map to help with navigation. Nok's primary weapon is a staff, which can be used for three different attacks, but there are also five additional items that can be acquired and used to advance through different environments. Small blue orbs serve as the in-game currency and can be used to upgrade Nok's skills, while special coins can be collected to unlock information about Pandora and its wildlife.
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