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Jeopardy (Playstation)
Name: Jeopardy! (Playstation)
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Manufacturer Name: Hasbro Interactive
Stock Status: 3

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  • Description
    This game captures all of the essential elements of the classic TV show Jeopardy. There's the blue monitor wall filled with mind-busting questions, the addictive theme song, even Alex Trebek!

    Solo players can compete against computer contestants, who will occasionally miss and sometimes supply clues. Another option is speed Jeopardy, which allows the solo gamer to play One entire Jeopardy board alone. And with a multiplayer adapter you can play against up to two other human contestants. If you know the rules of the TV show, then you are already prepared for the home version. The host will give you an answer, and you must correctly identify the right question. You've got four seconds to offer your response to one of numerous trivia and question challenges spanning several categories. Because there is no keyboard, you must choose your response letter by letter, using the left and right arrows of your controller. This can get tedious, but you can use the "answer completion" mode to have the computer fill in the word after a few letters. And don't worry about framing your answer as a question, the computer automatically does that for you.

    The game boasts 3,500 questions. However, we found that some category repetition will begin after two or three games. If you have a memory card, the repetition is less likely to occur. As for getting the correct answer, that's between you and your brain.

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