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Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies (GBA)

Jimmy Neutron Attack of the Twonkies (GBA)
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Join boy genius Jimmy Neutron as he tries to save the earth in THQ's action adventures game ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON BOY GENIUS: Attack of the Twonkies. Jimmy has just returned from outer space, and he's brought back a cute little alien friend. Unfortunately, this friend suddenly multiplies into a number of vicious Twonkies! Now Jimmy must save the earth by building Twonkie-squashing devices. Players will spend most of their time in Attack of the Twonkies moving through levels gathering invention parts while avoiding or defeating Twonkies. Once the correct parts are gathered, Jimmy can create a new invention to use. Jimmy can make three different levels of items: gizmos, inventions, and super inventions. Jimmy also has his trusty robotic dog Goddard at his side. As the game progresses, Goddard can be upgraded to hunt for gizmo pieces, break down barriers, and dig for treasure. The game is broken down into six different episodes, each with several different levels, including Jimmy's lab and Twonkus-3, and several levels put Jimmy at the controls of a vehicle or space ship. Many of Jimmy's friends, including Carl, Jimmy's mom, and the school teachers, appear in the game as well. If you're a fan of the Jimmy Neutron movie or the TV show, you'll find Attack of the Twonkies faithfully captures the adventures of the boy genius. If you haven't heard of Jimmy before, you should give the game a shot. Its fast-paced storyline and RPG-like invention system will appeal to many gamers.
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Revolutionary invention system allows players to collect everyday objects and combine them to create over a dozen contraptions

25 levels across 12 worlds including the comet twonkus-3, the neighborhood, jimmy's lab and inside jimmy's computer, downtown retroville, and retroland

Wide variety of gameplay including fast paced 3d levels and challenging 2d platform levels.