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K-1 the Arena Fighters (Playstation) New

K-1 the Arena Fighters (Playstation)
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For those unfamiliar with the sport, kickboxing pits two opponents in the square-circle where they kick and punch each other until one eats canvas. K1 is true to the kickboxing experience: The action resembles a real kickboxing fight, and the eight combatants are based on real-life kickboxers. However, the game itself plays like many other fighting games. Fighters have powerbars (and special moves in some cases), and can select from four modes of play: one-player, vs., tournament, and team battle. K1 also offers normal boxing ring style backgrounds and non-arena backgrounds, including canyons, mountains, and other outdoor areas. The motion-captured fighters are incredibly realistic, and a video showing how the fighters were captured is displayed upon completing the game.
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