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Klonoa (Wii)

Klonoa (Wii)
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Klonoa, the critically acclaimed franchise that revolutionized the action platform genre, finally makes its way onto the Wii. It follows the story of Klonoa and his ring spirit friend, Hewpoe, as they set off to investigate a mysterious crash near their home in Phantomile, a world created by everyone's dreams. The pair soon find themselves embarking on an exciting adventure filled with magical creatures and evil villains. With his trusty friend Hewpoe at his side and the power of the Wind Bullet in his hands, it's up to Klonoa to save Phantomile!
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Unique Character and Level Designs - Cute, and quirky characters and beautifully detailed environments

Enhanced Graphics - Gorgeous, vibrant, and completely redesigned graphics optimized for the Wii

Fun and Challenging Gameplay Experience - Dozens of different enemies to beat in 14 adventure-filled levels

Exclusive Reverse Mode - With bonus stages created especially for the Wii version of the game

Multiple Controller Options - Players can choose whichever style suits them best, from the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk, Wii Remote only, Classic Controller, or even the GameCube™ controller

New Controls Utilize the Wii's Motion Sensing Capabilities

Use the Wind Bullet to capture enemies and toss them by swinging the Wii Remote

Shake the nunchuk to activate a whirlwind that will spin and slow down enemies