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Kool-Aid Man (Intellivision)

Kool-Aid Man (Intellivision)
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Kool-Aid Man for the Intellivision.  Based on the famous powdered soft drink formula and on the commercials which the drink inspired, Kool-Aid Man for the Intellivision is two games in one. To play the second part of the game, you must first beat part one, which takes place in a scrolling, three-story haunted house. Here you must help two children (simultaneously) collect the makings for a batch of Kool-Aid. The makings consist of sugar, a pitcher and a packet of Kool-Aid soft drink mix. A pair of Thirsties lurk in the haunted house and will try to stop the children from gathering the beverage materials.

After the children have completed their mission, Kool-Aid Man (Oh, Yeaahh!) comes to the rescue and breaks through the wall of the house, effectively initiating part two of the game. Here you control Kool-Aid Man as tries to catch Phantom Flavors (apple, lemon, grape, lime and orange) and the two Thirsties. Both missions are timed.

After you have successfully completed parts one and two of the game, the levels repeat themselves. Complete both stages twice and you'll play the next round at a higher level of difficulty. There are 13 levels in all. For every skill level, there are two different layouts of the haunted house.
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