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Lost Planet 3 (Xbox 360)

Lost Planet 3 (Xbox 360)
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Lost Planet 3 delivers a mix of both first and third-person action. Acting as a home away from home and offering protection from the ever changing climate, Jim soon discovers the Utility rig's array of tools are Just as useful at taking out Akrid as they are at helping him fulfill his contract work. Outside the rig, the action switches to third-person with Jim at the mercy of the elements. He'll need to battle against hostile enemies with a mix of gun and melee based combat while also surviving the forces of nature. With a number of multiplayer modes and a compelling single player experience, Lost Planet 3 delves deeper into the Lost Planet universe, uncovering hidden truths within the unique and dynamic environment of E.D.N. III.
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  • Taking the series back to its roots, Lost Planet 3 returns to E.D.N. III, delivering a dynamic game world that's more dangerous than ever before.
  • Play as blue collar worker Jim Peyton, risking assignments in treacherous conditions to earn his hazard pay and return home to his family
  • Protect yourself from hostile Akrid and the unpredictable ice storms on E.D.N. III with your utility rig.
  • Offering a mix of first-person combat in the rig, and third-person gunplay on foot.
  • The ever-changing weather system of E.D.N. III affects the way you play with conditions that create imposing environment players will need to adapt to.
  • Developed with the Unreal Engine 3, Lost Planet 3 presents a visually stunning and unique terrain that impacts the gameplay.
  • Killer Enemies The Akrid are back, bigger, angrier and demanding of a more tactical approach during combat.
  • Harvest energy by planting thermal posts and use the supply to Upgrade your weapons
  • Reveal the Hidden Truths of E.D.N. III, The uncharted world has many secrets locked away
  • Lost Planet 3 will support a full set of multiplayer modes that enhance players experience of the Lost Planet world.