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Mag Force Racing (Sega Dreamcast)

Mag Force Racing (Sega Dreamcast)
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You don't really need to know what a magno-kinetic tripod is to speed it down a sinuous 360-degree track. Just get in, sit down, and hang on.MagForce Racing will have you racing down magnetized tracks at breakneck speeds, picking up offensive and defensive power-ups, and blowing away the competition. Each of the four skill classes comes with a creeping difficulty that paces your increasing skill. Perform well, and you will unlock all of the 22 tripods. These tracks, which incorporate vertical tunnels, corkscrews, jumps, underwater tubes, and artificial gravity, will take you through futuristic visions of Moscow, Hawaii, Mars, and other settings. Challenge up to three friends in a split-screen race. If you're not as good a driver, you can always beat them by using land mines, homing missiles, and assorted other weapons--or try the tractor beam, which attaches you to an opponent's tripod and then slingshots you.
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