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Marble Madness / Klax (GBA)

Marble Madness / Klax (GBA)
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MARBLE MADNESS/KLAX is ideal for the retro gamer. Created for the GBA by DSI Games, this two-in-one game will bring back memories for many gamers. In MARBLE MADNESS, players must keep the marble on the track by pushing the direction keys. If the marble falls off the course or runs into walls, the player loses time. The course is complicated with jumps, ramps, and little creatures such as green blobs that eat the marbles, and the goal is to beat the clock. Marble Madness includes three out of the six original levels from the arcade version, originally released in 1984. KLAX, on the other hand, is a puzzle game where players catch tiles coming off of a conveyer belt and stack them according to color. Three in a row of the same color diagonally, stacked, or sidewise clears those tiles. The tile catcher can hold up to three tiles before they are dropped, and tiles can also be tossed back onto the belt to gain some extra time. The game ends when too many tiles are dropped. Developed in 1989, this version basically keeps the original arcade game intact. Both games keep the original graphics, a bonus for gamers who grew up playing the originals. These classic games are sure to be a hit with any eighty's kid.
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 A true arcade classic! guide your marble through various courses to the goal. Avoid the marble munchers, the evil steelie marble, the acid pools, the marble-sucking vacuum, and other hazards along the way to the finish line! mazes, ice patches, funnels, and catapults are just the beginning! Try to keep from losing your marbles as you race against time and the elements in this all-time, all-ages romp

One of the all-time great puzzle games! The concept is sample, but are you up to the test? Colored tiles tumble down a conveyor belt, as you wait the bottom. Catch them and arrange them as instructed: horizontally, vertically, diagonally until you complete your mission and move on. As the pace quickens, you ll need fast reflexes to stay ahead of the cascading tiles and finish the many levels! One thing is certain! The hardest part of Klax will be pulling yourself away from this mind-boggling game.