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Mario Golf (N64)
Name: Mario Golf (N64)
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  • Description
    Tee off with Mario and friends in the most entertaining golf game ever to hit the Nintendo 64 system! Taunt your opponents to break their concentration, place bets in multi-player games, and see replays of your best shots. View the detailed terrain from multiple camera angles and earn Experience Points to get to the next course. With 10 different play modes, 6 championship courses and up to 14 characters, golf has never been this much fun.

    Mario Golf is a realistic golf game that's fun for one player or an entire group of friends. Nintendo's biggest stars have shown up for tee time, to compete in a wide variety of club-crushing events. In all there are 14 golfers available, 10 modes of play and six 18-hole courses for players to master.

    Even though the game contains cartoon characters and fantasy courses, the actual golf gameplay is similar to the real game of golf. Mario Golf is suitable for players of all skill levels, thanks to increasingly Challenging course design. A Mini-Golf mode is an excellent way for younger players to become familiar with the game of golf.

    Whether you're accustomed to cruisin the course or this is your first time on the green, this site is guaranteed to take a few strokes off your game.

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    by Mark 22 May 2008