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Mario Vs Donkey (GBA)

Mario Vs Donkey (GBA)
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Nintendo has pitted famous plumber Mario against the wily ape Donkey Kong once again in MARIO VS. DONKEY KONG for the Game Boy Advance. This time, Mario has to retrieve all of the Mini-Mario toys that Donkey Kong has stolen. Mario has six worlds to explore, each with eight objectives to complete. The first six levels are similar in that Mario must find a key, take it to the locked door, and then find the Mini-Mario and rescue him from Donkey Kong. After all six toys in a world are saved, Mario must lead them to a toy box and then battle against Donkey Kong to clear that area and move on to the next world. Mario has learned some new tricks over the years. Not only can he jump and carry items, but now he can grab wires, do back flips, climb vines, and walk on his hands. Each of his new abilities will be tested as he works his way through the six worlds. After Mario has defeated Donkey Kong for the last time, the game isn?t over. In fact, it's only halfway done as six bonus worlds open up, each with six Mini-Marios to rescue. Extra challenging expert levels can also be unlocked. MARIO VS. DONKEY KONG isn't just a remake or redesign of the original, yet it has everything that made Mario's first adventure a classic. Great for gamers of all ages and experiences, MARIO VS. DONKEY KONG will keep everyone engrossed for hours.
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Leap, climb, and battle through increasingly difficult levels as you use switches, conveyor belts, hammers and other tools to save the day

A unique mix of action and puzzle gameplay elements will challenge your brain as well as your reflexes

Shy guys, piranha plants, bob-ombs, and other classic mushroom kingdom baddies stand between mario and his goal

Before battling donkey kong at the end of each world, you'll have to collect all the mini-marios and lead them to safety.