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Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone (GBC)
Name: Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone (GBC)
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  • Description
    To appeal to kids' interests in big machines, Matchbox Caterpillar Construction Zone for Game Boy Color lets players control 11 CAT construction vehicles as they work to dig, build, and repair various structures. Composed of five parts of town, the game allows junior operators to complete each level as they perform a job with one of the vehicles. George, the construction foreman, guides players from job to job. Whether pouring cement, plowing a field or repairing a conduit, kids will experience the variety of work these machines are capable of doing. Each piece of equipment can turn 360 degrees, and the roadways and paths they can take run side to side and vertically. While maneuvering around farms, bridges, houses, and other configurations, players make use of a crane to lift pipes and fencing, a bulldozer to move heavy boulders and a backhoe to trench and dig. When the action button is toggled "on," it will initiate an animated action from the machines. Each area -- the Outskirts, Farm, Forest, Neighborhood, and City -- has numerous tasks to be completed, all of which are supervised by George. In each level, players need to find George and watch for his hand signals that direct the machines to the next job site. After completing the work in one level, George gives the "drive on" signal indicating it's time to advance to the next level. Switching levels automatically switches machinery. Jobs to complete include repairing and rebuilding roadways, moving logs and boulders, and building fences, houses, and a swimming pool. Each time the player switches equipment, the game displays a picture of the machine along with statistics regarding their proper CAT name and their weight. Upon completing a level, a password is issued to allow players to return to the level at a later time.

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