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MegaMan Network Transmission (Gamecube)

MegaMan Network Transmission (Gamecube)
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Mega Man makes his GameCube debut in an action title inspired by the Battle Network series of titles on game Boy Advance. Rather than feature the same role-playing aspects as found in the handheld games, Network Transmission is instead played from a side-scrolling perspective. Yet the most notable aspect of this version is perhaps its visual presentation, which for the first time in the long-running series makes use of cel-shaded characters set within 3D environments. The storyline falls in between the first two Battle Network titles on Game Boy Advance. As Mega Man, players must venture into the mysterious Cyber World to eradicate a deadly new computer virus plaguing the Internet. Mega Man's connection to the Real World is through friendly character Lan, who offers feedback and advice during play. The Battle Network game's concept of acquiring computer chips to learn new moves has been transferred into this game, so Mega Man will be able to acquire and perform over 100 different attacks as players decide which chips to use in battle and which to discard. These chips outfit Mega Man with weapons, performance enhancements, and defensive measures. For example, players can increase the Blue Bomber's jumping abilities or equip him with a shield that inflicts damage in addition to protecting the character. As players progress through the game, a number of animate cut-scenes will help tell the story. As in classic Mega Man games of old, players will also need to confront various boss characters on their way to saving the world from a deadly plot.
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