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Meltdown (Atari 7800)

Meltdown (Atari 7800)
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Meltdown for the Atari 7800.  International terrorists have sabotaged 20 nuclear reactors in a plot to destroy the world by placing tiny "Sparkx" inside the reactors. In order to save the world, you must use your Sparkx-destroying gun to blast them before they can chew up the reactor cores and cause a Meltdown.

This strategy-oriented shooter pits your light gun skills against the fast moving Sparkx with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Each reactor screen shows a group of colored control rods arrayed in the center. The Sparkx bounce between the control rods and the reactor walls. Each time a Sparkx hits a control rod, the rod becomes damaged. If too many control rods are damaged, the walls of the reactor begin to collapse and will cause a meltdown

To prevent this, you must eliminate a certain number of Sparkx to save the reactor and move on to the next level. There are eight different power ups that appear from time to time in each reactor. Some of the power up benefits include repairing control rods, freezing the Sparkx to make them easier to shoot, and giving you continuous rapid-fire shots so you don't have to keep pulling the trigger. 

After you successfully complete a level, you are given a password that will allow you to re-start the game at the same point you left off.
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