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Metroid Prime (Gamecube)

Metroid Prime (Gamecube)
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Metriod Prime If you're a fan of Nintendos classic Metroid franchise you know you deserve this. You have waited much too long to be denied. Super Metroid was released in April of 1994 and since then there has been a nagging question in the back of your mind: When will Samus return? Do not fret. Open season on Metroids has begun.

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Samus first stopped the evil Space Pirates and Mother Brain from amassing an army of Metroids on the planet Zebes. Then she was called on to finish the job on SR388, ultimately ridding the universe of all but a single Metroid larva. In Super Metroid, for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Samus thwarted Mother Brain's attempt to snatch the captive Metroid larva from the scientists on Ceres. Now, Samus is once again called to investigate Space Pirate activities on the unexplored Tallon IV. Her adventure begins as she enters a mysterious derelict spaceship.

For legions of Metroid fans, Samus Aran is a true hero. Gamers old enough to remember the original Metroid will never forget their surprise when learning that the armored character they had been controlling for days on end was actually a woman! Of course, you were only let in on the secret if you were able to beat the game in less than three hours -- no easy task.

The original Metroid premiered on the original NES in August of 1986. Gamers had to wait until November of 1991 for another adventure starring Samus, when Metroid II: Return of Samus was released for Game Boy. The ultimate tribute to alien annihilation came to the Super NES in April of 1994, in the form of Super Metroid. When it was released, Super Metroid was the largest Super NES game ever made, weighing in at a hefty 24 Megs.

Product Features

  • On a distant planet known as Tallon IV, where a deserted space station leads to a nightmare discovery -- the Metroids have returned, mutated and more powerful than before!
  • You'll play Metroid-hunter Samus, as you fight through tunnels against the deadliest creatures in the galaxy
  • Use bombs, missiles, lasers, and your ability to morph into a ball strategically, as you navigate a desolate planet filled with deadly corridors
  • You'll also be able to wear new suits that give Samus all-new powers
  • Flawless camera angles, fantastic 3D graphics, and massively detailed game worlds all combine with gorgeous cutscenes that advance the story