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Miner 2049er Starring Bounty Bob (Atari 5200)

Miner 2049er Starring Bounty Bob (Atari 5200)
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Miner 2049er Starring Bounty Bob for the Atari 5200.  Uh oh! Bounty Bob is trapped in a contaminated uranium mine, and you've got to steer him out. An exciting update on the old MINER 49ER series for other platforms, this futuristic hand-held version transports you to the year 2049. It's a race against the clock, and you'll have to hop on moving platforms and hoists, into suction tubes, and down slides to get through level after level of perilous pitfalls and other hazards. There are plenty of transporters to get you on to the next level, but can you find them? If you've got knack for mining--but just can't stand that pesky uranium dust in your lungs--you'll love this chaotic adventure.
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