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NBA Live '99 (Playstation)
Name: NBA Live '99 (Playstation)
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  • Description
    EA Sports promises that "the soul of hoops comes to life" with NBA Live 99. Hype aside, the company has delivered a solid basketball game that will keep you coming back for one last shot. With excellent graphics and new features such as play-by-play commentary and real-life player reactions, this virtual NBA exhibition will score big with basketball fans. NBA Live 99 may be a bit frustrating to play until you're familiar with the controls, but once you've mastered the basics, you can do quite a bit. Our favorite moves include the crossover, spin, fake, and, of course, the slam-dunk. Luxuriate over close-ups of your greatest shots with the "instant replay" feature. To add to the competition, you can play complete 48-minute games with as many as eight players. A memory card will come in handy to arrange full seasons and playoffs. The variety of camera angles adds to the feel of a real NBA game, and its exhilarating pace and competitive options will get almost anyone hooked on this game.

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