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NBA Street V3 (PS2)
Name: NBA Street V3 (PS2)
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  •   NBA Street V3 (PS2)
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      NBA Street V3 (PS2)
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    EA Sports NBA Street V3 offers basketball fans a chance to take the game off the court and onto the street in three-on-three matches where almost anything goes. With players representing every NBA team and new moves, gamers may never want to go back to the gym. The gameplay in NBA Street V3 has been upgraded since the previous installment. The first is the ability to juke and shake to avoid other players with a tap of the control stick while holding a turbo button. Players can execute these moves in combo, leading to fancier and better tactics. The turbo buttons also come into play when passing and shooting, and all three moves can be linked into combos for more trick points. These points add up to allow players to execute a game-breaker, a shot worth more points. The game also delivers in character and even court creation, allowing players to create characters from a huge variety of features or design their dream court. Players can even make their characters taller or shorter, affecting the character’s abilities on the court. The game’s made mode of play is the tournament-style street challenge, where players play 10 games to increase their rep, upgrade skills, and earn points to buy new customization items. A slam dunk challenge is also available. Online, players can compete in tournaments or single games while messaging and viewing leaderboards.  NBA Street V3 brings everything street ball fans love into a single game, making it a must-have for fans.

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    NBA STREET V3 rises above the rim with all-out, head-to-head streetball with 500,000 dunk combinations - use any combo to build a dunk of your own. Package it all up with a gravity-defying mid-air maneuver and a highlight-reel finish to help build a reputation on the streets

    Execute big-air dunks with the innovative new dunk control system. Throw it down over objects like cars and dumpsters to impress the panel of judges in this game mode where creativity and imagination rule

    Customize your own court using different surface, rim, and backboard options with all-new Court Creator. After it's personalized with ad banners and team logos, move it online for the STREET world to see

    Put your reputation on the line with a customized player or your own created baller. Develop your own style and attitude by hookin' him up with more than 1,000 items including personalized dunks, shoes, and jerseys.