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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Wii)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Wii)
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The 2010 edition of Need for Speed: hot Pursuit revolves around high-speed car chases through winding suburban countryside and bustling city streets, giving players license to drive as fast and free as they like -- as long as they can outrun local law enforcement officers. Released alongside same-titled versions of the game for home computers and high-def consoles, the Wii version follows its own road-racing format. Several modes of play are available, including "Hot Pursuit," "Eliminator," and "Rush Hour," which has players racing through circuits crowded with as many as 99 other vehicles. The game features 20 courses in four large areas that are based on real-world cities: Chongqing, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, and Las Vegas. Over 30 high-performance vehicles are available to drive in the game, although many must be earned and unlocked for play. In the heat of the chase, players can acquire and unleash "Supe-up" power-ups, such as "Cruise Control," "Boost," or "Tank," that could be used to help outrun chasing police or bump fellow speedsters to the back of the pack. Multiple control options are available, using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, or more traditional Classic or GameCube controller set-ups. Multiplayer modes support split-screen racing for up to four. The Wii version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is developed by Exient, creator of handheld versions of popular console sports titles such as Madden NFL and FIFA soccer, as well as the Nintendo DS versions of Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: ProStreet.

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