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NFL Football (Atari Lynx)

NFL Football (Atari Lynx)
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NFL Football for the Atari Lynx.  NFL Football is an officially licensed American football game for the Lynx portable system. Players can select from all official teams as of 1992, and the game features a series of professionally designed plays.

As in real football, the game is played on a field 100 yards long with an endzone on either side. Each team fields 11 players, with teams switching between offense and defense. The goal of the game is to drive the ball to the opponent's endzone for a touchdown, or to kick the ball between the opponent's upright field goal posts for a field goal. Touchdowns score six points and the possibility of an extra point kick, while field goals score three points. After four 15 minute quarters, the team with the highest point total wins.

The A button on the Lynx is used for handoffs and shuffles on running plays, while the B button is used for passing. To pass, players must first hold down the B button and position a crosshairs target over where they want the ball to go. Releasing the button will then carry out the throw. While players must call either a passing or running play before each down, once in motion, the play can be changed. Players can keep the ball during passing plays and run with it, or they can throw the ball on plays designed as runs.
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