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Planet of the Apes (GBC)

Planet of the Apes (GBC)
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Based on Pierre Boulle's book as well as elements from the 1968 film starring Charlton Heston, the Game Boy Color version of Planet of the Apes has players assuming the role of an astronaut named Ben whose mission is to find and rescue the missing Taylor from a strange planet governed by apes. While Ben begins his 10-level quest armed only with a knife, he will eventually acquire a pistol, rifle, and machine gun to battle the militant apes seeking to enslave him with the other humans on the planet. Each weapon carries a limited amount of ammunition, so players must find One of three specific ammo icons to keep their armaments loaded. Other items of note include USNSA flags on each level (which earn players a health pack if all ten are collected), apples to replenish a portion of energy, and keys to unlock doors. While Ben navigates the side-scrolling levels, he can jump to reach high ledges, crouch to avoid bullets, crawl through narrow spaces, and roll away from danger. Level progress can be resumed using passwords awarded at the end each stage.
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