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Pod Speed Zone (Dreamcast)

Pod Speed Zone (Dreamcast)
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Dreamcast owners: if you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping, futuristic racing game you can use to test those driving skills over the Internet with, you need look No further than POD: Speedzone. One of the first games to support online multiplayer action with up to four players using either a modem or the broadband LAN adapter, Speedzone features smooth, cutting-edge graphics along with all the speed and weapons you can handle. Race across six multi-tiered tracks in one of eight unique vehicles while picking up a wide variety of weapons you can use to slow down your opponents. If you're looking for some offline action, plug in another controller and a friend can take you on in two-player, split-screen competition; or Just go it alone against the challenging computer opponents. You'll need the practice, if you plan to survive against the real-world challengers that await you online!

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