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Pokemon - Trading Card Game (Gameboy Color)

Pokemon - Trading Card Game (Gameboy Color)
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The hit Wizards of the Coast card game comes to the Game Boy Color! Pokémon Trading Card Game features many of the famed Wizards of the Coast cards, plus exclusive cards not found in any store. Equipped with a modest deck and sage words of advice from the wise Dr. Mason, you'll win booster decks by battling--and defeating--a series of rivals. You'll need to talk to everyone that you encounter in this adventure role-playing game (RPG). Each conversation may unlock a key piece of information or an offer to trade cards. You can also scour bulging bookshelves for new tactics or check your e-mail for additional clues--you might even get a valuable booster pack from Dr. Mason! Players of the Wizards of the Coast game will recognize the basic game mechanics and strategies, which are faithful to the popular trading card game. In all, there are more than 200 cards. You can even battle a friend via the Game Link cable!
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after defeating a trainer, your get a new pack. by e andres 05 Jun 2008
In pokemon trading card game, after defeating a trainer, your get a new pack. When you check your cards in this pack, if you don't like what you got, press Select to change them. Only works once per trainer.