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Pokemon Snap (N64)

Pokemon Snap (N64)
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Unleash your shutterbug impulses and take on a novel and unusual challenge in POKÉMON SNAP. Your pursuit of rarely-seen Pokémon takes you to Professor Oak's lab on Pokémon Island. Here, you must ride on rails and snap pictures of 63 species of Pokémon that live in seven different environments. Once you return to the lab, the affable professor will examine each photo and judge them according to picture composition. The numerous criteria include: the Pokémon's size in the picture, its pose, and centering. If the Pokémon is performing a signature maneuver in the picture, your score will increase. Initially armed only with a camera, you will acquire other objects that will aid you in your photographic quest. For instance, you might be able to get a Pokémon's attention by throwing apples or gas balls, or even play a Pokéflute. These objects will open doors to hidden Pokémon or special abilities for even better photo ops. Collect your best shots in a photo album or, better yet, print them onto photo stickers at your nearest Blockbuster store

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To get a mewtwo course by Tyler 21 May 2008
To get a mewtwo course you need to get 10'00 points in mews course.
I always try.

To get a really good photo of the eevee by Charlotte 21 May 2008
To get a really good photo of the eevee, knock the chanssey with a pester ball, then throw some apples at the eevee (make sure they lead towards you) then play the pokeflute. the eevee will toddle towards you, giving you a really good shot.

pokemon snap by Kathy Eddings from Georgia United States
21 Aug 2007
when are going to get this game it been two weeks when we got it.

To photograph a Charizard, throw an apple at the Charmeleon by the lava pool near the end of the volcanic level. If you knock him in the lava he will evolve into a Charizard. 

Find The Three Mythical Birds 
Each of the three birds will be in an egg.

1.  The first Mythical bird is Moltres (he is in the Volcano level), he will be easy to find since his egg is blocking your path.  all you have to do is hit the egg with pokemon food or pester balls and a moltres will emerge from the hot lava

2. To get Zapdos you must lure pikachu to the egg sitting in the tunnel then play a pokeflute. If you did it right pikachu will  hit the egg and he will shoot the egg out and the egg will blow up revealing Zapdos.

3. Articuno: As you come into the third section of the cave level, a zubat will fly around carrying a pikachu. If you hit the pikachu with pester balls or apples, the zubat will drop him and pikachu will deploy balloons for floating in the air. As you come to the articuno egg, the pikachu will trot over the egg and break it, revealing Articuno. You must wake up the Articuno with a pokeflute then articuno will fly pikachu to safety and you will have a sweet close up of pikachu on articuno's back.

Get Muk 
In the Cave there are two grimers. Take lots of pictures of them. When the third appears near the three bulbasaurs, take a picture. Now throw lots of pester balls at him. He will evolve into Muk.

Ghost Photos 

In the first tunnel, take pictures of the purple myst that floats around. When they develop you'll have a picture of Haunter.

Group of Charmanders 

To find a group of Charmander, go to to the place where you can find the Moltres egg. The pelt the egg with pokemon food, and if you've recieved pester balls, throw those. Then you'll see a Charmander call his buddies. From then on, it's a waiting game. After the Charmander come, take a picture and you'll recieve bonus points from Professor Oak.

Rainbow Cloud Stage 

To get to the secret level (Level #7 The Rainbow Cloud Stage) take pictures of these following landmarks on all of the 6  stages:

1.Stage#1-The Krabby rock formation is on the left after you pass Pikachu's surfboard. 
2.Stage#2 - The Pinsir shadow will appear some time after you release the Zapdos from the beginning of the level. You 
will see the Pinser shadow on the right after you pass the second Electabuzz. 
3.Stage#3 - The Koffing cloud appears on the left at the very beginning of the level. 
4.Stage#4 - The Cubone rock formation will be above the Vileplume you see (to see the Vileplume play the Pokeflute in 
front of a large purple bag you see near the beginning of the level.) 
5.Stage#5-Mew's energy form will appear after you see the Weepinbell. (You'll have to press left-c to turn left after you 
see the Weepinbell.) 
6.Stage#6-The Dugtrio Rocks are right in front of you when you start the level.

Save the Jigglypuff 
On Level 5 there will be a koffing chasing a jigglypuff in three different spots. Throw pokemon food or pester balls at the koffing to make them stop. If you free all 3 jigglypuff they will sing for you at the end of the level.