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Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball (GBC)

Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball (GBC)
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The first and only volleyball title on Game Boy Color features 20 male and female players from the Federation of International Volleyball, including such noted athletes as Gabrielle Reece, Sinjin Smith, Linda Hanley, and Rob Heidger. The two-on-two action is viewed from a side-scrolling perspective with five venues set in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Osaka, Toronto, and New York. Three modes of play include Single Match, Tournament, and Versus Game, which offers two-player competition using a Game Link Cable. Single Match has players choosing one of eight teams, the court, and difficulty level before starting. Tournament mode consists of three consecutive matches, with a total of five tournaments leading to the championship. No matter which mode is played, the object is to position characters underneath the ball's shadow in order to bump it to teammate, who will try to set the ball for a potential spike. Progress during competition is resumed via password, and options include rally play or side out scoring, and the ability to change the volleyball's color. Three difficulty settings influence the ability of computer opponents.
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