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Rainbow Six Critical Hour (Xbox)

Rainbow Six Critical Hour (Xbox)
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Author Tom Clancy has created some of the most thrilling characters, amazing storylines, and interesting worlds, and lately his novels have served as the basis for a number of great video games, as well. Ubisoft's TOM CLANCY?S RAINBOW SIX CRITICAL HOUR for the Xbox takes place in Clancy's RAINBOW SIX world and captures all of the action fans of that novel love. Players take on the role of Ding Chavez, hero of the other RAINBOW SIX games, and the commander of a four-person squad of crack commandoes. Chavez and his crew have been tasked with a number of different missions, including infiltrating terrorist cells, rescuing hostages, and taking out threats. Players will travel from Idaho to England and beyond while battling terrorists and more. The game presents seven explosive single-player missions, some of which are drawn from the PC version of CRITICAL HOUR and others of which are brand new to the Xbox. The controls and interface follow the RAINBOW SIX standard and look similar to previous games in the series, so gamers who played previous games will feel right at home. Like other squad games, the other three commandoes will follow the player's commands and provide much-needed cover fire. TOM CLANCY'S RAINBOW SIX CRITICAL HOUR provides more of the same great Clancy action that gamers love, and once they finish exploring the single-player mode, various multiplayer options and maps are available to extend the excitement.
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Multiplayer death match, capture the flag, and more

Players can play through the game without the squad members in lone wolf mode

Clancy-based storyline and characters.