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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Playstation)

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Playstation)
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Join Jill Valentine, the heroine and amazing survivor of the notorious disaster at the mansion, as her nightmare continues. After resigning from S.T.A.R.S. Jill now prepares to head out of Raccoon City but it's not going to be easy. Caught in a town crawling with flesh-eating zombies, more than ever she must rely on brute force and cunning to find a way to escape alive. This unique adventure intricately reveals more of Umbrella Corporation's nightmarish plot and picks up just hours before the events from Resident Evil 2.
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I'm at the end by chad 04 Jun 2008
I'm at the end, how do I supply power to the three stations and get out? I'm stuck in the room and the timer keeps running down?

need help by ollie 04 Jun 2008
need help with water sample puzzle, any help would b good, cheers!

when at the end of the game by bReNdAn LeE 04 Jun 2008
when at the end of the game where the rail cannon is youll see a computer looking thing. go to it and press x. it'll say there is not enough power supplied. go to the first battery box look thing the thing you saw when you came through the incenerary room. there will be a green kinda thing click x on it. it should say battery one or something. push the green thing in the battery thing. the computer should say battery one in place. then something will drop from the ceiling by that weird monster on the wall. it'll be final nemesis except he does'nt look like a human anymore. he's not hard to beat. use your best weapons on him until he starts to back away. then push the green thing by battery 2 into the battery. then the same for the one by the computer. then click x on the computer. the rail cannon will start don't stand in front of it! that's nemesis's job. it will shoot twice then nemesis dies. you'll have a choice to either finish him off or leave. either way you win. i suggest finish him off because she picks up a magnum off the ground and pumps lead into that mug!go out the door that was locked. the rest is up to.

i cant find the fuse by scott hancock 04 Jun 2008
i cant find the fuse for the train that all i need for the train to run and the othr thing i need is the battery for the elivater. if some one can help me please e mail me

to get the battery/fuse by JF 04 Jun 2008
to get the battery/fuse go to the statue of the mair and pick up the book go to the path were you enter the restorant and go were water is leaking and put the book in the hole in the wall thant pick up the compass and go back to the statue of the mair and leave the compas there you will get the battery then put the battery in the elevator and go to the electric station use the control and put it on manual mode then find the answer to the puzzle (think is 20-120) to open the 2 doors in one their is the magnum/grenade launcher in the other one the fuse.
hope you understand


More zombies, more terror, and even more evil. 

More challenging enemies that come back to life at any time. 

Face off against the most terrifying mutations stalking the streets of Raccoon City. 

More detailed character actions: Try the dodgemove to avoid an enemy's attack. 

Interact withthe environment like never before: Use background objects defensively. 

A unique new drama which reveals more details of Umbrella Corporation's devious activities from the Resident Evil series.