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Saints Row (Xbox 360)

Saints Row (Xbox 360)
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THQ presents SAINTS ROW for the Xbox 360, a game similar in style to GRAND THEFT AUTO. Players have a number of missions to complete that include hijacking, gang battles, and other tasks. The character creation method in SAINTS ROW includes a wide variety of different options, including facial features, overall build, and clothing. In addition to selecting the character's beginning outfit, the clothing store in the game includes a huge amount of shirts, pants, jackets, and even underwear to customize characters. Vehicles play a huge role in SAINTS ROW, and THQ has includes over 80 different vehicles for players to control. Each has a unique look and feel, recreating the actual vehicle as close as possible. Like their character, players can also customize their wheels at the body shop and even adjust the radio by uploading music from an MP3 player into the game. One of the most unique aspects of SAINTS ROW is in recruiting other characters. Unlike most mission-based games, SAINTS ROW allows players to gain six different allies. One of these allies can be called in to assist the player during missions, adding an element of strategy and teamwork. Each of the supporting characters has his or her own special abilities and strengths. Running on the Xbox 360, the game includes amazing graphics. Cars are incredibly detailed, and the facial features of the characters look very real. With tons of missions, customization options, and more, SAINTS ROW is sure to provide endless entertainment to players.
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