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Scarface (PS2)
Name: Scarface (PS2)
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  • Description
    Vivendi Games and Radical Entertainment present Scarface The World Is Yours, a historical tactical shooter based on the classic gangster movie SCARFACE. The PS2 title is full of action, mobster greed, and combat set in an alternate universe that differs from the movie world. Scarface The World Is Yours has an interesting premise: what if gangster Tony Montana survived the explosive gun battle at the end of the movie? Starting from this key scene, the game dives into an alternate storyline featuring Tony and his quest to reclaim his underworld empire and set himself up as Miami's greatest drug lord. Players will control Tony and help him rebuild his drug contacts and gain the loyalty of gang members. They have all of Miami to explore and control by setting up drug trades, avoiding rival gangs, and taking over territory. Some of the islands around the city are also accessible by boat. Like the movie, the game contains a number of intense shooting scenes and levels, and gamers will have a good sized and movie-based arsenal at their disposal to take out their foes and the local law enforcement agents. Scarface The World Is Yours is an amazingly detailed game, and the storyline and characters are written in the same style and spirit as their movie counterparts, making the game a must-have for fans of the movie. Shooter fans will also enjoy the game, especially its well-paced fights. 

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    Features Al Pacino?s likeness as Tony Montana

    Voice talent includes Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia from the original SCARFACE, Jay Mohr, Cheech Marin, and Michael York


    Story by AMERICAN HISTORY X and BLOW writer David McKenna

    Players can choose between two different soundtracks, either music from the movie?s era or modern day hits.