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Spiderman (Playstation)

Spiderman (Playstation)
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New York flickers to life as another night of crime stands ready to grip the city. But, emerging from the shadows is a figure destined to fight the evil. He shimmies up the side of a building, shoots a web, swings across the night sky, and lands with a perfect backwards somersault onto the Daily Bugle Building. Who is this masked hero?

It's you! Now you are Spider-Man, going wherever you want in your free-roaming 3D environment. Fight, jump, crawl, and web-sling as you take on a legion of sinister villians. The city is depending on your every move. Start swinging!
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CHEAT CODES by TheBMAN18 19 Jun 2007


Code.... Unlocks....
DULUX--> Big Head Mode
RUSTCRST--> Invunerability
XCLSIOR--> Level Select
STRUDL--> Unlimited Webbing
RULUR--> Joel Jewett (Exc. Producer)
in character viewer
LLADNEK--> Debug mode
DCSTUR--> Infinite Health
WATCHEM--> All movies
ALLSIXCC--> All Comic Covers
CVIEWEM--> All characters in character viewer-->
GBHSRSPM--> What If...? mode(???????)
CGOSSETT--> Storyboard Viewer
TWNTYNDN--> Spidey 2099 costume
BLKSPIDER--> Symbiote costume
PARALLEL--> Spidey Unlimited costume
LETTERS--> Scarlet Spider costume
ALMSTPKR--> Quick Change Spidey costume
MJSSTUD--> Peter Parker costume
SCOSMIC--> Captian Universe costume
BNREILLY--> Ben Reilly costume
AMZBGMAN--> Amazing Bag Man

Unlock Everything
At the cheats screen, enter 'eel nats',
that's Stan Lee' backwards.