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Splinter Cell Double Agent (Xbox 360)

Splinter Cell Double Agent (Xbox 360)
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Sam Fisher and the other characters of Tom Clancy's popular Splinter Cell universe return with Ubisoft's TOM CLANCY'S Splinter Cell Double Agent for the Xbox 360. This time around, players get to experience life as a double agent as they help Sam infiltrate and destroy a terrorist cell from within. Veteran agent Sam Fisher has been on many dangerous missions, but none as dangerous as posing as a double agent within a terrorist organization. Sam has no contact with his NSA superiors and agents, leaving him to complete his mission of stopping the terrorist cell alone. Even worse, to keep his cover, Sam may have to perform acts of treason himself. Keeping Sam's cover is at the heart of Double Agent. At many points in the game, players will have to choose to stop the terrorists and expose Sam as an NSA agent or actually work with them, sometimes against other agents, to keep Sam in their good graces. The storyline branches at many different points depending on players? actions, and there are multiple endings to the game. It's up to the player to decide if Sam kills a man in cold blood, helps plant or defuse bombs, and other actions that can either hurt or help his standing with the terrorists. Gamers who love the Splinter Cell universe will love TOM CLANCY'S Splinter Cell Double Agent. The branching storyline makes for a very exciting adventure that gamers will want to replay over and over.
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Branching storyline

Respect level with both terrorists and NSA agents that can turn other characters into friends or foes

Missions take place all over the world

Xbox 360 version includes two extra single-player missions, nine versus and co-op maps, and underwater and sandstorm battles.