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Squishy Tank (NDS)

Squishy Tank (NDS)
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Cartoonish army tank characters go to war above a battlefield full of colorful blocks in Squishy Tank. Presented with a tongue-in-cheek military theme and played in a touch-screen grid of rows and columns, the game revolves around block-busting action puzzles. Players tap blocks of a certain color, and if at least two other blocks of the same color are adjacent, all touching blocks of that same color are blasted from the screen, allowing new blocks to fall in from above. It is seldom difficult to find a stylus tap that will remove at least some of the blocks from the screen, so the challenge comes in removing the most blocks as possible with each tap before a timer runs out. Players are often presented with more specific challenges, such as having to removing a certain number of blocks of several different colors in succession, without removing others along the way. As they succeed in blasting blocks from the screen, meeting challenges, and clearing levels, players earn new tanks and special powers to help them solve the game's later, more difficult puzzles. Meanwhile, between "Story Mode" levels, an amusingly convoluted tale unfolds in the upper screen, featuring the cute little tank characters and plenty of self-referential video game humor. Playing through all four of the game's main modes unlocks three additional Squishy Tank mini-games.
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