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Star Trek Shattered Universe (Xbox)

Star Trek Shattered Universe (Xbox)
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An intense, edgy, high-energy space-combat action game set in the dark mirror universe of Star Trek: The Original Series classic-era setting, Star Trek Shattered Universe challenges the player to adapt to a new reality where everything once familiar is now a dark reflection - where the noble Federation is now an evil and relentless foe. In Star Trek Shattered Universe, you play a fighter pilot aboard the USS Excelsior, under the command of Captain Sulu. During a routine mission, the Excelsior is pulled into the hostile Mirror Universe ("Mirror Mirror" [TOS]). You will help to protect the Excelsior while she makes unlikely allies and discoveries on her quest to return to her own universe. In your travels you will encounter objects familiar to the original Star Trek series, including the Guardian of Forever and the Planet Killer.

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Experience high-intensity space combat in the twisted, "mirror" universe of Star Trek. 

Engage enemies across 19 levels of incredible action in the first-ever classic Star Trek Shooter. 

Pilot 10 unique, never-before-seen fighters into battle with awesome special effects and incredibly detailed environments. 

Encounter legendary characters from the original television series 

Form alliances with former enemies to obtain new fighters and ship upgrades