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Suikoden II (Playstation)
Name: Suikoden II (Playstation)
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  • Description
    Because the original Suikoden was one of the first PlayStation RPGs to grace the US shores, it garnered more attention than it deserved. Despite being a respectable enough RPG, Suikoden was a relatively shallow, quick-play RPG that was light on content and heavy on combat. Suikoden II addresses a number of the problems of the original Suikoden, and although it feels somewhat rehashed, it still holds its own nicely in today's cutthroat RPG market.

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    by James Green from Texas United States
    02 Apr 2010

    You can save Nanami. I've done it before and it helps if you have a strategy guide that tells you how.

    by Holy1234 04 Jun 2008

    There is NO way to save nanami.

    I have a question
    by Alvin 04 Jun 2008

    I really don't have tips and tricks. But instead I have a question. It says in the game you can load the first suikoden to the 2nd suikoden. Is it right? Why is it that I can't load the first suikoden I have the 108 stars already. And after the ending there is no saving the game? How can I continue the 1st suikoden to the 2nd suikoden? Pls e-mail me.

    gil will be at 999999
    by Ash the unforgotten hero 22 May 2008

    Once you have the armourer guy you must get your gil to between 24000 and 30000 then have three people in your group who can wear dragon armour. make sure the three arn't wearing any equipment then buy dragon armour for two of the characters then when buying the dragon armour for the hero go up to the point where you are asked to put in your bag or equip it simply cancel and your gil will be at 999999 as far as i know its a glitch but i dont care cos it works

    guroudos office
    by draco 22 May 2008

    after you beat the rockaxe mission go back to the place wear you beat guroudo and keep going forward next talk to the knight and **** give you an excellant runebut keep going and you will find guroudos office and there you will find an item.