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The Bigs 2 (Xbox 360)
Name: The Bigs 2 (Xbox 360)
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  • Description
    The Big Leagues Just got bigger Product Information The Bigs 2 is the last time the final destination the big show. It's where dreams born in backyards are finally realized. Where the fences are farther the grandstands are larger and the spotlight is brighter.  It's where thieves run faster pitchers throw harder and the sluggers go deeper.  Where the bats are bigger the spikes are sharper and the comebacks are harder to swallow.  It's where home runs are Ruthian and fastballs catch fire.  It's where a monster lurks in left. Where bombers terrorize the night.  And where the confines aren't always so friendly.  It's the Bigs and everything about them just got bigger.Product Features Season Mode - As requested by fans enjoy a new Season Mode featuring full MLB schedules stat tracking and roster management. Home Run Pinball - Enjoy single or multiplayer action in four exciting environments including Las Vegas Tokyo and more. Mini-Games - Test your hitting fielding and running skills against MLB stars. Improved Game play - Bigger and better arcade baseball action featuring Legendary Catches Batter's Wheelhouse and more powerful Big Slam. Become a Legend Mode - Create a player and progress your career from a Mexican league to the Majors and eventually the Hall of Fame.  Along the way compete in boss battles against MLB legends.

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