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Spyro The Eternal Night (DS)

Spyro The Eternal Night  (DS)
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Purple dragon Spyro continues his huffing, puffing, and gliding in this follow-up to 2006's A New Beginning. The dreaded Ape king has reached the Temple of Souls, and the world is on the brink of chaos. Players must guide the determined dragon in a quest to stop the Ape King and learn More about the mysterious visions lurking within Spyro's dreams. To help Spyro defeat his enemies, The Eternal Night introduces the following four upgradeable breath attacks: ice bomb, electric orb, earth vine, and enhanced fire. Spyro also expands his repertoire of ground-based moves with the comet dash, arctic blast, earth pound, and electric spin. Perhaps the most notable change to the series is the addition of "dragon time," a Matrix-like ability to slow time to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and dodge potential hazards.
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