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The Legendary Starfy (NDS)

The Legendary Starfy (NDS)
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Already of a veteran of the Japanese handheld scene, Tose's yellow star-shaped prince makes his official North American debut in Legendary Starfy. Players begin in the cloudy kingdom of Pufftop, where Starfy's slumber is interrupted by a rabbit astronaut being chased by a group known as the Dire Pirate Squad. The rabbit eventually slips off into the ocean, and Starfy and his best friend Moe dive in to help. What ensues is a traditional 2D platform adventure that primarily takes place underwater, but also features a number of land-based levels. Starfy comes equipped with a variety of Attack moves, and as he befriends other creatures he also develops the ability to morph into different beings, including a dragon, a chicken, and a ghost. Starfy's sister Starly makes a few appearances in occasional wireless co-op play sections, and a four-player party mode lets gamers compete in a handful of mini-games.
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