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The Mummy Returns (PS2)

The Mummy Returns (PS2)
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Set in 1935, 10 years after the events of The MummyThe Mummy Returns game immerses you in the action and intensity of the film. A band of treasure hunters has unearthed the remains of the high priest Imhotep. Transported to London, Imhotep is resurrected and once more embarks on his ruthless quest for immortality. You can choose to be the hero, Rick O'Connell, or the bad guy, Imhotep.

If you choose to play as Rick, your enemies include Imhotep, his living and undead allies, pygmy mummies, and the Scorpion king. Your goal is to rescue Alex, stop Imhotep, defeat the Scorpion King, and save the world. If, however, you choose to play as Imhotep, your enemies will be Rick, Ardeth Bey and his Medjai, pygmy mummies, and the Scorpion King, and your goal will be to use your magic and all means available to raise up the Scorpion King so you can take his army and rule the world.

You will explore a variety of levels, including the Jungle, Karnak, London, and Cairo, and you'll battle against mummies and a host of other living, undead, and resuscitated enemies. The controls are easy to learn, yet offer enough depth and complexity for extensive gameplay. The game offers a wide variety of weapons and opponents, each with individual strengths and weaknesses. Spells and magic are an integral part of gameplay, as is the multiple-action camera for dynamic views of the characters and locations. Rich sound effects, music, and graphics mean an intense gameplay experience, and a chance to relive the excitement of the movie.

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