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Tom and Jerry (Gameboy Color)
Name: Tom and Jerry (Gameboy Color)
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  • Description
    Talk about playing cat and mouse! tom and Jerry, that rascally pair of cartoon characters who first started their careers in the 1940s, have chased each other onto the screen of the Game Boy Color. You play Jerry, on the lookout for nephew Tuffy, who's coming to visit you. Lurking around, of course, is Tom, who would just love to sink his sharp fangs into a mouse morsel. You must try to find Tuffy before Tom does--and before Tom finds you. You'll explore 10 different levels, such as Street and Rooftops, in four distinct worlds.

    There are bonus areas to each level in Tom and Jerry, so be sure to look out for those too while searching for Tuffy. Sprinkled throughout the levels are numerous power-ups (yum... cheese!) that add to your overall score, as well as an optional card-match game between each level that can mean extra points too. Also, the game trumpets the original Tom and Jerry theme song while you play.

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