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Tom and Jerry (NES)

Tom and Jerry (NES)
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Developed by Rebel Software Productions - Hi Tech Expressions (1992) - Side-Scrolling Platform

In Tom and Jerry the lively cat and mouse team are stranded at the theater after having watched the premiere of their new film Tom and Jerry: The Movie. They missed their ride because once again they were fighting and now they have to make it home on foot. As Jerry you must walk safely to your mouse hole via a treacherous theater, a dangerous junkyard, a crazy toy store, and a hazardous household. Along the way you'll encounter Tom up to his old tricks, trying to flatten you into a mouse pancake. The eleven stages in this game are filled with pests such as miniature robots, huge roaches, filthy rats, and a plethora of harmful inanimateobjects such as chewed gum, spilled popcorn, and toy jacks. An alternating two-player mode introduces Tuffy, Jerry's baby nephew.
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