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Up (NDS)

Up (NDS)
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Pixar Animation Studios' film about an elderly aeronaut and his chunky stowaway comes to gamers in Up, a 3D platformer that sends gamers on an adventure through the jungles and mesas of South America. Players take control of the crusty widower Carl Fredericksen, the ambitious "Wilderness Explorer" Russell, a talking dog named Dug, and the large prehistoric bird Kevin, as they explore caves, strange rock formations, swift rivers, and dense jungles. Each of the characters comes equipped with special abilities, but gamers must use their own problem solving skills to overcome environmental obstacles and fend off attacks from dangerous plants and animals. The entire game can be played cooperatively, so two players can team up to take on tough boss battles against crocodiles, anacondas, and a pack of wild dogs, and four players can join forces in aerial dogfights against the minions of villainous explorer Charles Muntz. Those searching for more content can seek out rare bugs, earn merit badges, and collect lost items from Carl's house to unlock cheats and bonus movies.
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