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Vectron (Intellivision) New

Vectron (Intellivision)
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Your job in each of the 99 levels in Vectron is to construct an energy base one section at a time. After you have built an energy base, the normally yellow and green playfield flashes with color, you receive bonus points and you move on to the next level.<br><br>To build an energy base, you must operate a V-gun that is affixed to the top middle section of the screen. Using the control disc to aim and to fire (simultaneously) in a downward direction, you shoot at an energy block, which when hit will automatically form a section of the energy base. By pushing the side buttons, you can maneuver the energy block within the pattern of the potential energy base.<br><br>While building each energy base, Hungrees, Splitters, Diamondbacks, Prizums and other enemies will attempt to block or tear down your progress by gobbling up sections of the energy base or by attacking your energy block. You can shoot some of the More destructive enemies while others simply get in the way. To help you against the baddies, you can aim your sights at E-Paks, which release freed energy when shot. Capture this freed energy and it will re-energize an energy block and temporarily reinforce it against damage by enemies.
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