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WWE 13 (PS3)
Name: WWE 13 (PS3)
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  • Description
    Coming from a long line of the WWE wrestling game series, WWE ?13 is an all new experience for even the biggest fan of these games. This Microsoft xbox 360 video game allows players to battle it out with other players on xbox Live. WWE ?13 is impressive in that it features a highly enveloping audio and presentation system that puts the player right into the excitement of an actual wrestling event. This xbox 360 video game lets the player control several of the WWE famous stars, such as "Stone Cold? Steve Austin, Undertaker, and Chris Jericho in spectacular battles. This wrestling game is equipped with Predator Technology, which works to create a smooth and sophisticated style of gameplay. The wrestling game is highly customizable, allowing the player to edit and design superstars, arenas, entrances, finishing moves, and storylines to maintain complete control over the game. In career-style mode, WWE ?13 players can complete a campaign of battles and rivalries to make it to the title of WWE champion. 

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