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Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner (PS2)

Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner (PS2)
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From Metal Gear Solid 2 producer Hideo Kojima, comes the sequel to the anime inspired mech combat game Zone of the Enders. In Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, take control of a lightning fast mechanized robot and fight an evil militaristic force with new weapons, maneuvers, and tactics. Conflicts and settings of ZOE2 take place in cityscapes, enemy fortresses, and even in the depths of space!
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The mysterious ore Metatron has been discovered during space colonization. A versatile ore, Metatron not only is an excellent energy source but also a great material for militaly purposes. An anti-earth organization on Mars secretly developed gigantic humanoid weapons called "Orbital Frames" with Metatron. Orbital Frames fought Earth's humanoid weapons known as LEVs. People on Earth are threatened seeing the overwhelming power of Orbital Frames. Mars colonists finally have enough power to match Earth. They have been inferior until they obtained these Orbital Frames.

The year 2174. The BAHRAM army started armed suppression of Mars and Earth after obtaining overwhelming war potential with its army of leading Orbital Frames. Anubis, the Orbital Frame  controlled by Aumaan project leader Nohman devastated the UN Space Force. The surface of Mars turned has been scorched. The impregnable fortress Aumaan determinative to BAHRAM's victory is about to be completed.

Dingo, working on a LEV on Jupiter's moon Callisto digging up ice, finds a Metatron reaction. He then discovers an Orbital Frame. The awakening of Jehuty reminds him of his destined past. Ding faces ferocious attacks of BAHRAM. Anubis VS Jehuty, the Aumaan Project... The final decisive battle has begun within the orbit of Mars.

* Fast-paced fighting action with unbelievable cinematic visuals.

* Target and destroy hundreds of enemies on screen at the same time.

* All new sub weapons enhance strategic play during combat.

* Gripping epic storyline.