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A Boy and his Blob (NES)

A Boy and his Blob (NES)
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This unusual game is a mix of action and adventure. You control the Boy, who is accompanied by the very versatile Blob. Your goal, of course, is to rescue the Princess Blobette from a large castle. In order to do so, the Boy must use the Blob to get past the castle's many obstacles. The Blob is an extremely useful creature. By feeding it jelly beans, it will turn into useful things like a trampoline, ladder, or key.
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One of the hardest NES games by mr. blob 21 May 2007
A Boy and his Blob, probably one of the hardest, and best NES video games ever. It's a puzzle game about a blob that needs some boys help to save his planet, and the only way to do this without any help, is to go through the game many times to see how to do it.