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Albert Odyssey (Saturn)

Albert Odyssey (Saturn)
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In a world born of enchantment, there is only one rule: Expect the Impossible.  Pike is an orphan raised by harpies.  His life in the harpy village has been one of peace and tranquility.  However, with a slow,dreadful certainty, an insidious wave of evil is spilling over the land.  The ancient truce that united man and beast,magician and harpy begins to unravel, and the land is overrun by war and unrest.  Beasts savagely attack men, men attack harpies, dragons roam the skies, and terror grips all.  Witout warning, Pike is thrust to the fore of this conflict and must find the source of the evil and return peace to the land in order to save the life of one he holds most dear.  Assume the role of Pike as he travels the land, gaining colorful comrades, fighting terrifying battles in true-RPG menu driven combat, and exploring danger-filled dungeons accompanied by eerily moving orchestral music.  Gather your wits and set out at once, for the final confrontation that will decide the fate of Pike's world is rushing forth, and the dark evil bound since the days of Albert demands vengeance.

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Game Music 
If you put the Albert Odyssey CD in a CD player, you can play tracks 3 through 22 as music from the game.

Quest Pass and Quick Money 
For those of you who would like to know what the Quest Pass does, it's basically like a discount. Try to buy things, and you'll notice that they cost less. Also, it's possible to profit from this.

For an example, go to the city in the desert, and go to the shop there. If you're tight on money, then buy a bunch ofherbs. Now, sell them back. and you'll see that the shopkeeper will buy them off you for more than you bought them for! Keep doing this, and you're sure to stock up on cash.

Secret Battle 
If you wander around on the World Map north of the Graveyard of Ages, you will stumble on a hidden set of ruins that looks like Karnait (the place where Pike was found.) There you find Olivia, Duke Lang's daughter, and fight the Iron Giant. After you kill it the second time, the Duke in Mycent gives you the Quest Pass. Use it in any store for a 20% discount.

Secret ScenarioAfter defeating the north tower, Kris will take Guy to Solace to be healed. Go to the sanctuary and when night comes go to the Gate of Solace. There you will meet Eka and Leos will give you some Miracle Mangoes. Now travel to Fargastato meet your destiny.

Secret Scenario 2 
After going to Gadel, go southeast. At the bottom of the continent, there is a cave with a girl in it. Talk to her, then return to Gigarl. There is an old man in Gigarl who will be interested of your findings. You will have to go back and forth between Gigarl and the cave. After a few messages, the old man will come with you to the cave and be turned young again. This scenario will provide you with nothing unless you haven't searched the pots.