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Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano (PS2)

Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano (PS2)
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Valcon Games puts players' reflexes and driving skills to the test with ALFA ROMEO RACING ITALIANO for the PS2. Putting players behind the wheel of some of Italy's fastest racing machines, the game requires expert turning, handling, and a steady hand. The twenty-one tracks in ALFA ROMEO RACING ITALIANO include everything from the Italian countryside to the streets of Milan to the hills of Tuscany. These environments are recreated as faithfully as possible, and players who have visited Italy will recognize the gorgeous scenery and backgrounds. Likewise, the 25 Alfa Romeo racing vehicles present in the game have been reproduced in minute detail and include cars like the Giulia T.I. Super and the 8c Competizione. The game also includes some RPG elements in that it lets players apply skill points in nine different areas. Each of these areas affects how the driver handles his or her vehicle. Players will also unlock equipment for their driver that can give them bonus abilities and stats. The game also includes the unique TIGER Effect. The TIGER Effect gives players the ability to rewind time to fix their mistakes, like undoing a crash or missing a turn. This adds an interesting new aspect to racing and allows players to perfect their driving skills. Racing fans won't want to miss this exciting racing game set in the hills, towns, and countryside of Italy. The detailed cars, amazing graphics, and interesting character development system come together to create a unique racing game.

  • RPG-like system allows players to customize their driver
  • Players can rewind time to fix mistakes.
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